Want upgrade or downsize your home? Ready for a new neighborhood in the Bay Area or rushing to sell real estate because you’ve accepted a job offer in another state? No matter what you’re doing with real estate, it’s important to realize that working with a qualified agent is the best way to proceed.

Think about the services you pay for in life: you hire a qualified babysitter to watch your kids, you pay a professional to repair your piano, clean your air ducts, and when you want to buy or sell a car, you go to a dealership rather than searching the classifieds on Craigslist.

Why do you seek out these experts instead of doing it yourself? Because you want the job done right, the first time. You want quality services that work correctly, and you don’t want to have to deal with the mistakes that could be made by a novice.

The same thing applies when you’re selling real estate, especially in the highly-volatile market of Los Gatos and the surrounding areas.

Keep reading to learn more about the most common and costly mistakes that people make when selling real estate. Then contact Brandi Tate Real Estate to see how our no-nonsense approach to selling real estate can help you avoid them!

Sell Real Estate The Wrong Way And It Could Cost You Money

“With the trifecta of increasing prices, historically low interest rates for buyers, and the approaching summer sale season, you might be thinking of selling.  But even with the latest jump in sale prices, you still need to maximize equity when your house hits the market,” reports Forbes. “To get the most money out of your home,  it pays to do everything right. Shockingly, sellers make up to three costly mistakes each sale.”

If you’re selling a home, chances are you want as much for your property as possible. This is why you’ve taken such good care of it for all these years, remodeling the kitchen, finishing the basement, and fighting that crop of dandelions in the yard summer after summer! Making one of these mistakes could be the difference between walking away with a profit and barely covering the cost of your existing loan.

Most Common Real Estate Selling Mistakes

  1. Pricing It Wrong – Ask for too much and your home could sit on the market for months. Ask for too little and it will sell fast, but you’ll probably be filled with regret when you realize the amount you could have earned. Finding the right price means understanding comparable sales in your area, and that requires knowledge of the area and the market.
  2. Neglecting Repairs – In today’s market, buyers are rarely looking for fixer-uppers. They want a home they can move into fast and feel comfortable right away. If you don’t take care of obvious repairs before putting your house on the market, you’ll find yourself wading through a sea of lowball offers. Even worse, they may ask for a credit before the deal closes, which delays your sale.
  3. Forgetting To Clean – The key to getting multiple, attractive offers on your home for sale is making it look like a place that lots of people will want to live. Lots of people do NOT want to live in your messy house, with stained carpets, the smell of litter boxes, and clutter on every available shelf. “One of the least expensive improvements you can make to your home is to declutter and create a sense of spaciousness throughout, from the kitchen countertops to the overstuffed closets to the trophy-lined shelves in the den. It costs you nothing to get rid of all that ‘stuff,’ yet it reaps big rewards,” explains Forbes.
  4. Selling At The Wrong Time – Did you know that the month and even the day on which you sell your home can have an impact on how much money you make? It’s very important that you have a professional who’s able to counsel you on how the timing of your home sale will affect your taxes.
  5. Using Poor Quality Photos – More than 90% of all buyers start their home search online, and if you’re using out of focus, poorly lit, and non wide-angle photographs to market your home, buyers are going to pass you by.
  6. Not Hiring A Real Estate Agent – This is the most important and costly mistake that you can make when selling real estate in the Bay Area! According to industry research, individuals who try to sell a home by themselves often end up waiting longer for the right offer and often fail to sell at all.

Avoid These Mistakes When By Selling Real Estate With Brandi Tate

The best way to avoid losing out on potential profit when selling real estate in Los Gatos is to work with a real estate agent who knows the area and is well connected. That’s Brandi Tate! Contact our Los Gatos office to start the process today.